Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ARoS Museum

Arhus is the big town near Ebeltoft. I think it took about a half hour to get there by car. We went there especially to see a terrific art museum. One exhibit is a HUGE sculpture of a boy that is extremely realistic.

Another exhibit is an experience in color. A circular walkway has been built along the whole top of the museum. The walls are colored glass. As you walk through it you can experience being inside a color. The city outside looks a different color depending on where you are, but the strangest thing is that when there is a break in the color and the light shines in you see it as the opposite color on the color wheel! It shows how your eyes always adjust to light and correct, but since you are already in one color it changes your perception of the light outside.

The same artist created another exhibit where you walk through a colored cloud. A whole room is full of mist that is colored with lights somehow. As you walk through it you cannot see anything except color and when someone gets within about a foot of you they appear. It is a little scary and weird, but also cool.

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