Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Final Post-On the way home

Right now I am in a Delta International Flight going over The UK or England, Ireland and Scotland. In the last few days we have been visiting friends in Ebeltoft, Denmark. You should look at where this is on Google Earth. It is WAY up north. The sun only sets for a few hours of darkness between 11pm and 4 am. During the winter it is dark most of the time and many people have light sources that they sit in front of in order to get enough vitamin D and to fight of depression.

I did not write much while there but I did take pictures that I think are really interesting, so I have several blog posts that I plan to write on this plane trip and then post when I get online at home.

This is my final reflection for this blog. I just have a few observations and the sunset in Ebeltoft for this one.


I was amazed at how many people were traveling with iPads! I saw them all over. Both local people and tourists seemed to have them.

I could do almost anything I wanted to with it, except flash, which is used in lots of surprising ways.

It was impossible to do all of the work on my blog without flash and there are a few things I did not figure out. I needed to borrow the professor's laptop to get the embed code to post theYouTube videos to the blog. I never did figure out how to get a sound file into the blog from the iPad, even when I recorded the sound on the iPad.

Since I did not have my own computer along and did not want to sync with another computer and lose my stuff, I could not figure out a good way to download things from another computer to mine. Since there is no USB port the only way to get new content is to download it directly. (I only had problems with this when I wanted to get my Audio book files. They were too big to download directly, but there was no way to transfer them from the professor's computer to my iPad.


I downloaded and read several books.
I learned to save a picture from the web to my photos so that I could us it. (keep your finger on the picture until you see the choices.)
I downloaded and played AngryBirds.
I listened to things I had downloaded to my iPad.
I tweeted and read my twitter feed.
I did email.
I Skyped with my family.


I am extremely lucky to get to travel this way. I can see how the world is getting smaller and how important it is for all of us to understand one another. I think that the more we learn to know about and respect others the better our world will be. I hope that especially students, but also everyone can share and learn from my experiences. Knowing that I am going to be blogging about what I see and do gives me different eyes and better questions for the people and places that I see.

And now the sunset...

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