Friday, July 8, 2011

Ending the London Visit

This morning at 4 am in London it was raining. I know that because took a Taxi to a bus and now I am on a flight heading to Denmark. This is one of the strangest flights I have had. We had to pay to get our boarding passes printed and it was really expensive! There is advertising everywhere. There are posters on the baggage compartments and there are recorded advertisements for things that you can buy on board: food, drinks, duty free stuff, gift items, special items for today's flight and even lottery cards. This picture of a courtesy phone illustrates the quality of my experience this morning.

My visit to London should not end with such a discouraging note, so I will end this post with a few pictures of things I saw:

First a few pictures of London bridge. I was thinking about the song "London Bridge is Falling Down" so I thought I would put up a picture of it. I had forgotten that it had been purchased several years ago and it is in Arizona now! Here s a link to an article about it in Wikipedia. This pictures are of the bridge in Arizona and some children playing the game and singing the song.

Then there are a few pictures of Oxford. It is a very famous University town. We went there for a one day visit. It is very cute and small.

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  1. Hi Janice,

    We finally got a chance to look at your posts from England and the 5th and 6th grade students had a few observations.

    They didn't know the London Bridge from the song was moved to Arizona - that was surprising! We have a lot of bridges here in Milwaukee because of the lake and the river so students could make connections to the bridge in your photo.

    The Tudor style buildings were interesting and students thought they must be very old, even as old as Shakespeare. There are some houses in the area with the same type of architecture so we had a nice discussion about why designs of houses, churches, government buildings, etc. have the same look for years and years. We studied Frank Lloyd Wright in social studies this year so we were able to make connections to him and his Prairie architecture as well. Thanks for sharing!

    We were wondering why you have a QR code at the bottom of your post.

    Ms. Kreul and Students