Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Observations in London

I have been trying to figure out how to find out about everyday life here in England. It is not easy because I do not have a guide like I did in Greece and I am doing more tourist things and being where tourists are. You can go to plenty of other blogs if you want to see things I have seen as a tourist like the Tate Modern Art gallery, the Thames River or the church called St. Martin in the Fields where I made a bras rubbing of St. George and the Dragon. None of that is really everyday life.

So you will just have to make do with the few observations that I have so far and maybe I will find other things in the next few days before we leave here for Denmark.

Today I have a short video of things that I have seen. First I have noticed that even though this is a big city people have really nice flowers around their houses. Also, people drive on the wrong side of the street AND there are lots of double decker buses all over town. Today I also saw something that was new to me. There was an M and M store and I have never seen so many M and Ms!! I tried asking one of the girls working there if she could tell about everyday life on a short video, but she is not allowed to do that at work. Oh well... I hope you like the video.

I am thinking that maybe you are not taking me seriously when I ask you to send in videos or pictures of your everyday lives, buy I really do mean it. What did you do on the 4th of July? Did you see any parades? If you don't live in the USA what do you do in the summer time? Do you have playground? Do you take ballet lessons?

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