Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Questions- Festivals

I am now back at Corinth for one day. Luckily for you (and me) I got back to Corinth in time for their annual festival called Panagiri. I asked someone at the hotel about holidays and festivals. She said that there are LOTS of holidays and festivals, but especially mentioned that each town has a special festival for a saint special to their village. For Olympia it is the saint's day for Mary and is in August. For Corinth it is the saints' days of Peter and Paul and it was yesterday! We just got back from Olympia in time for me to take a little video so you can see and hear a little of what it was like.

My guide answered your questions this morning and it is sad to say that I have to say good bye to her today. Tomorrow we head for another country. We leave Greece around noon to go to London, England.
What holidays do they celebrate?

My guide's favorite holiday is Christmas because she likes to decorate the tree. All Greek houses have Christmas trees.

We were also wondering about Greek children:
What are their schools like?
They have to find their own things to play at recess. There is no playground equipment.

What do they study in school?
In first grade they do math (even multiplication, but no memorizing. They learn how to read only in Greek and then in third grade they learn how to read in English.

What games and sports do they play?
Kids here like to play soccer and basketball.

I hope you have a great 4th of July! It will be interesting to be in England since that is who we gained independence from. I wonder what they think about it?

We are enjoying following you on your adventure in Greece. How long are you staying and where will you and the Professor go next?

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