Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ebeltoft Assorted

This is actually being written in the United States! I have several posts ready to put together, but I was not able to get online, so I have finished the videos offline and also written while on the flight home.

It is great to hear from my friends in Whitefish Bay. I would still like to get a picture of you to put up on the blog so that others who look at it can see who you are! Here is a link I found to your school: Let me know if that is the right link.

I was glad that you knew I had posted a QR code! There is a message for you in it. Were you able to use a reader to find out what it says?

This video just shows a few things that we did with our friends in Ebeltoft, Denmark that I thought were interesting. We went to a wild animal park. They have lots of animals there that we do not find in our part of Texas! At the park we saw reindeer, arctic fox, polar bears, wild boar, and musk ox. You see me feeding the reindeer! It rains a lot in Denmark during the summer. The double rainbow is one of the benefits of the rain. One other thing that they have a lot of is wind. The video shows some of the huge windmills that capture wind energy. It would not do them a lot of good to depend on solar energy because it is often overcast and raining, but they have plenty of wind!

I wonder how their longitude and latitude compare to Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin and Austin, TX. It is fun to look at Google Earth and put on the Grid to compare. In Austin we are at around 30 degrees North, Whitefish Bay is 43 degrees North and Ebeltoft is 56 degrees North!

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  1. Everyday life all over the world! I love it! I just got back from Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans. I like looking at everyday ways and things, too. Maybe i'll send some pictures to you! Gotta go but I'll be back to read more of your postings, Janice! Not sure if you can tell who wrote this commment, so I'll just let you know .. it's me, Sandy in Hawaii! (Just saw that I had to pick a profile ... I picked Anonymous since I'm not sure about the other ones - smile!)