Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is Athens Safe?

We have been here for two days now. What amazes me is that it all seems so quiet and normal. The day we left there was a violent looking picture on the front page of the newspaper. The evening we arrived we went out to eat at an amazing spot next to the Acropolis. The next day we went on one of those two story tours around the city. We ran into a protest and a little later we went to Syntagma Square where there was a tent city of people protesting about the economic situation here. Look at the video to see the contrast!


  1. Posted for Susie

    Normally the video shows and I click on an arrow to start playing the video. This time I had to click on the word Video and it brought me to YouTube showing four videos, none of which looked like anything from you. I am sorry the cab driver did not want to be on video.

  2. I was having trouble linking that one for some reason. I will fix it.

  3. I am sorry for the confusion about this video. It is a good one so be sure to look at it! I did not have a second computer and could not embed code on this one with the iPad, so I tried to just link it. I guess I didn't get the right link. My channel in YouTube is jfriesen11, so you can always go there and see all of the videos.

  4. Hi Janice,
    Our summer school reading class looked at your blog yesterday and we are excited to be following you on your travel adventure.

    We are reading an A-Z book called Acropolis Adventure about an American boy who travels to Greece and visits the Acropolis.

    As we were reading, we had these questions:

    How old is the Acropolis?
    Our book says the site is ancient. How old is ancient? Maybe your husband can help with this question. :-)

    What kind of clothes did people wear in ancient Greece? What kind of clothes do people wear now?

    What foods did people eat in ancien Greece? What foods do people in Greece eat today? Is it the same kind of food we have in Greek restaurants in the US?

    Thank you!
    Ms. Kreul and students