Saturday, June 25, 2011

Modern Greek Questions

I am sitting in the library at the Archaeological house called Hill House and listening to the Orthodox liturgy which is being chanted and broadcast by speakers over the village. I am also listening to the sound of the wind. It is windy and cooler today. I promised you that I would answer the questions about modern Greece next, so here are the answers:

What do people wear now?

I had a talk with my guide about the modern clothing. She said that they dress about the same as in the United States. Some kids wear skinny jeans and shirts with glittery things if their Mothers let them. They also wear new jeans with holes in the knee. The funniest thing is that they like to wear shirts with sayings on them in English even though they don't know what it means. Sometimes my guide will tell her friends what their shirts mean and they are surprised!

What do people eat now?

Kids like to eat many of the same things that ancient Greeks ate. They eat lots of olives and seafood (including octopus and squid). People also use lots of olive oil in cooking and on salads. At almost every meal they have salad made with big chunks of tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese. She said that kids really like hamburgers from McDonalds and another place called Goodys. This is sort of new food for Greeks so the kids especially like it. They also like "toast". After our guide described what she meant by toast I realized it is what we call a sandwich. So, don't order toast in Greece if you want a piece of bread!

I was also told that some of the Greek restaurants in the United States are really good and authentic.

Here are some foods I have eaten here and like!

 Tzatziki-you dip bread in it. It is yummy.

 Horiatiki-Greek Salad

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  1. I really wish I could hear the liturgy too. It is interesting to see the comparison between ancient and modern Greece.