Thursday, June 30, 2011

The playground

Not far from where my guide lives is the playground for the village. People here do not have playground equipment in their own backyards like many people have in the US. If you have one I would love to see it! Send me a link to a YouTube video or a still digital picture and I will post it here!

In Ancient Corinth (if you just say Corinth it means New Corinth or the modern part of town.) there is a festival at this time every year. You will see my guide playing on some boats and pictures of bumper cars and maybe other rides. These are not here all year, but are special for the festival.

I asked my guide if she would show me the public library. She said that they do not have one. If you want books you have to buy them. I can't imagine not having a public library to borrow books from. Do you have one that you go to?

I am really glad for the questions from my friends in Wisconsin. I am going to take a video this Friday of the festival that they have every year in Corinth called Panagiri and tell you more about it.  Right now I am in Olympia where the Olympic games took place. I will be here for a few more days and then go back to Corinth.  On Sunday, July 3rd we are traveling on to London, England. that should be really different. How much longer are you in Summer School?

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