Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shopping for groceries

You have already seen what shopping for groceries is like in Austin, Texas. Now you can see what shopping is like in Corinth, Greece. People here really like fresh food, so instead of going to the grocery store for meat, they go to the butcher who cuts the meat fresh every day. They also eat a lot of bread and want it fresh, so they go to the small grocery stores nearby to get fresh bread delivered from a bakery. Most people buy their eggs from neighbors who have chickens.

There are larger stores that they can drive to also.

There are no parking lots because people can walk to the stores. The video shows two small stores and the butcher. Everything looks empty because it is the middle of the afternoon. Many shops close and people go home for a nap.

At the end of the video you see my helper and our guide when she was little. She is older now. She just finished first grade and I think you will enjoy learning about everyday life here from her.

Hi to my friends in Wisconsin!! I hope you will send me some videos or pictures of what everyday life is like for you. What is different in Wisconsin? I have all of your questions and I will try to answer them tomorrow or the next day.

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