Friday, June 10, 2011

Six Days

Thanks to Students and Parents from Barton Creek Elementary School I just got back from a nice massage. School is really done and now is time to concentrate on the trip. This morning I downloaded Angry Birds to my iPad so that I will have something to do.

Today's video is of a school. Students in Texas are required to attend 180 days of school. This school is out for summer, so it is really quiet!

In practicing making the videos for the trip I have learned something. Using only my iPad I can create a blog post, take a video and upload the video to YouTube. The one step that I cannot do is to post the video to the blog using an embed code. In order to get an embed code I need to use a computer. I think this has something to do with iPad's and Flash. Getting the embed code must involve some flash and so the ipad cannot do that. Too bad.

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